The best sports to lose weight

The best sports to lose weight

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If you are thinking about giving a change to your life and start to lead a healthier lifestyle or fitness, surely the first thing you are looking for is to lose the extra kilos. For this, the first thing you should do is adapt your diet, eat balanced, eliminate saturated fats and excess sweets and start practicing sports regularly. To help you achieve your goal, let’s tell you what are the best sports to lose weight.

Many sports help you burn calories much more quickly. However, all are very good in terms of health and alternating them is a good way to achieve your goals. We tell you what sports will help you burn more calories.

The most hottest sports
It is important that you know and understand that there are no magic formulas. The best thing you can do if you want to lose weight is to combine a balanced diet with exercise. Physical activity will be essential, as it will help you eliminate both fat and excess fluid, while moving your muscles and aids in toning.

Running or Running The best sports to lose weight are aerobics, that is, those that keep the whole body moving. The idea is to make combinations of speed and strength. In this way, you will burn more calories. Running is one of the most recommended sports if you’re looking to lose weight. It is a very complete and demanding sport. If you run around 45 minutes at an average speed and combine more intense moments, you can eliminate around 500 calories. A super complete sport that, in addition, will help you tone the lower train.

Bicycle or spinning This sport that has become so fashionable in recent years is very positive to achieve weight loss. In addition, it is a sport in which you tone most of your body’s muscles, not just the lower body. This is due to the necessary position that must be maintained to be able to shoot. The abdominals should always be in tension so as not to ruin the lumbar area, in the same way that the back and arms should be working. Tonify while burning calories! In a spinning class you can burn around 600 calories.

Crossfit It’s a very fashionable sport lately. It is the fat burning sport par excellence. It is a high intensity sport that combines anaerobic, aerobic and strength exercises. Also, all this in a fairly short period of time. It is very easy to eliminate around 400 calories in half an hour.

Jump rope Many will think it is a girl’s sport. However, there are many athletes who put a few jumps in their daily routine. This exercise forces the body to stay in constant movement and is perfect to eliminate extra kilos.

Tennis. It is a sport in which you run, you tour, you jump, you hit … You go from one place to another. It is a high intensity sport with which you will make an incredible combination of cardio exercises with musculature. If not, you just have to see the tennis players!

Swimming. Besides being a very good sport to correct bad back postures, swimming is also highly recommended to lose weight. It is very good to lose abdominal fat, and almost without realizing it! If you sign up for swimming, the ideal is to combine styles and intensity intervals. You will see how fast you can lose weight and tone your body.

In terms of team sports, basketball is king. Besides helping you have fun, it will help you lose weight in a simple way. You can burn about 10 calories per minute.

The main thing, in addition to sports, is that you like it and motivate you to continue improving day after day. You will quickly notice the benefits and you will want to continue on that path. Take note and get down to work!

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